Proving without doubt that Italy is the greatest nation in the world. These aren't reasons. This is evidence.

Organized part in Organized Crime.

All the more reason to why you wanna get rich.

So'al ye6ra7 nafsah: and you wonder why people think homosexuality is a joke?
The perfect example for whenever explaining objectifying women.

Dishadeesh + the following

Self-explanatory. Should've had this alone and still would be sufficient evidence.

NOOOW you're convinced ena 3endy salfa when I say they're the greatest nation..

All about the defense, baby. It's all about the defense.

'Nuf said.

If you haven't studied the Roman Empire, then you know nothing. It's that simple.

More history.
.. wa haakatha


  • sigh

    it's just... perfecto

    bala dawa2ir khams ow 3ashir I'm tired. I wanna move to Italy

    By Blogger Papillona ®, at 29.4.06  

  • nesaaaayt aham shaaaaaaay

    it's shaped like a boot :D

    more shoes'eeeeeeez

    By Blogger LaiaLy_q8, at 29.4.06  

  • Senioreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that was a great post about italianoooooo
    I love their food man :)

    By Blogger ZiZoTiMe, at 29.4.06  

  • nice post ...... especially the food part yummmmmmy..... y36eek il3afya 3la ilpost :)

    By Blogger متفرغ, at 29.4.06  

  • forza italia

    2-storia antica
    3-linguaggio poetico + lingua viva
    4-prelibato pasto
    5- moda
    6-meraviglioso !!


    P.S: what is it with kuwaiti dudes and monica bellucci ?? okay shes cute !! but c'mon there are much prettier women out there ! why monica ??! it's like shes the only one that all men agree on!.

    By Blogger Brava Valentia, at 29.4.06  

  • papillona
    ma7ad dawa'er a7ad, aham shay kadarna yemor b3dain entaw kaifkom.. mariraw el 5 dawa'er wana asafig

    we have:
    gucci, prada & versace for that
    .. they take their maps seriously and translate them to fine shoes, dont they heh

    teslam, o ma alomek laih moghram b akelhom e3yalt elatheena

    teslam yal7abeeb allah y3afeek..
    o baine w bainek ehy mo bas bel food, wathenn fahmeen ba3athna hehe

    mother courage
    Masculinity 101
    Chapter 1: Terminology.
    a) cute girl
    b) fine, fine, FIIINE woman

    raja'an ne7terim el mesafat .. shyab cute to beautiful

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 29.4.06  

  • *sigh*
    Baktib post about the many delicious aspects about Italy...and also about their food ;P

    By Blogger Erzulie, at 29.4.06  

  • MALDINIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ba3d 3omry kela :| :|

    Don't forget Italy has blessed us with Gilardino, Toni and maaany more...

    By Blogger Faith, at 29.4.06  

  • LOL Laialy took the words right out of my mouth.. (or the letters right out of my keyboard lol)

    nice post :D

    Long Live Italy :D

    By Blogger Swair., at 30.4.06  

  • erzulie
    playing with words already

    not much of a football fan, but now that i think of it .. i 'know' more italian footballers than even brazilians
    should count for something i guess


    By Blogger Temetwir, at 30.4.06  

  • pshhhhhhh maaan,

    best food = kuwaiti food
    best women = kuwaiti women
    best clothes = deshdaasha baitha o ghetra na9e3at ilbayaadh
    best oil = kuwaiti oil
    ummm.. ok ilbaaje lek 7ag ma3endena :P

    By Blogger familiar_stranger, at 30.4.06  

  • Mother Courage, Monica is not cute! She's HOT! and for the record, I'm a straight woman

    By Blogger Papillona ®, at 30.4.06  

  • Espresso Tem ... how could you not include Espresso !!

    By Anonymous True Faith, at 30.4.06  

  • FS
    there is NOTHING like kuwaiti women

    mo bas "no women are like kuwaiti women" .. laa, NOTHING compares

    eeeeeehhhh, ilqorba w ma tsawy

    never had coffee :|

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 30.4.06  

  • my next vacation spot: ITALY! :)

    ive always wanted to go there...even though im not that crazy about pasta... bss inshallah sooon (when im done with schoooool!)

    By Blogger A Daydreamer, at 30.4.06  

  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...And thats not just about the food;)

    The people there are just yummy...I want one...

    By Blogger LiLaCs, at 30.4.06  

  • daydreamer
    heh 'when im done with school' seems to be THE most used phrase ..
    same here, have it all planned out with the mother
    just waiting to 'be done with school' so i can get to do the stuff that really matters

    heheh, "i want one" .. yazatly

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 30.4.06  

  • Romans were cool, but I liked the Greek myths more! Odysseus was da shit! :P & can't go wrong with Italian food! :)

    By Blogger 7tenths, at 30.4.06  

  • 710s
    odyssues was a dumb prick who never heard of a map!
    in all fairness thu, cussing at the god of the sea? homebody had it coming

    but yeah, greek mythology kicks major roman butt..
    but the roman empire? the military?
    beats that gay philosophy and logic of the greeks anyday of the week :P

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 30.4.06  

  • familiar_stranger, Kuwaiti oil isn't the best. Not sure but it's either the Irani or the Iraqi. But I'm sure it ain't ours.

    By Blogger MBH, at 30.4.06  

  • "our" oil sells for like 65 bucks a barrel when peak is ~70? so i wouldnt say we're doing too bad

    but hey, "we" sell it for 65 .. "they" go, make 100 products .. and sell each one of these products for 65 dollars a pop back to us

    so yeah, it all works out in the end.. translated: when u can make 650, ur making 65
    seriously translated: ur fucked either way

    theoritically speaking

    meanwhile, when iran-US relations take a sharp turn come February 2007, prices will cross the 110 barrier,, so the Japs will REALLY commit themselves to come with "alternative fuel" in like 10 yrs time .. "everybodys" oil will go for 6 to 7 bucks for the next 5 yrs until all industries will have revolutionalized, and then we can all die in a fire .. that same fire we would have set from the oil fields

    oh, happy days

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 30.4.06  

  • *yogaf o0 y9affig* ;D

    By Blogger 7asoon, at 30.4.06  

  • 3azallah mugaamek ameerna bo 3ali :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 30.4.06  

  • Suuuurreee.

    By Blogger Safi, at 2.5.06  

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