"Woa Jee Dah Nee Khankoa Ay"

A few years ago (could be a couple), Sh. Sabah had an official visit to China. A few weeks before that, I read an article about a high percentage of steel production (along with iron ore or something) worldwide going to China. Now, business is all about money, right? To do business you need places to do business, and places to represent business. In other words, if you're in the business of doing business, you need lots and lots of steel. China has lots and lots of steel. Do the maths. Sh. Sabah sure did.

If you know your history, then you probably know that Kuwait 'gets around'. I am not going to hurt anybody's feelings and say that Kuwait is a bitch; although I will say that it's as close as it gets to being one. Not that there's anything wrong with that or anything. Yeah, right.

I, for one, am very 'happy' with the news that KIA is trying to invest (big) in a Chinese industrial bank (or is it 'the'?). As a sign of 'political friendship' 60 years ago, you would 'exchange' embassies, make official visits, take a couple of pictures for the daily newspapers and all that. Now, it's all about: so how much money are we talking about as a sign of our friendship, babe?

As unrealistic as I may be in hoping that news like this, over time, would mean a shift of interest to the East; I do not see it far from happening given our political history. It's all for the best if you ask me.

If only there were officials who knew their cars, this would have started back in the 90s. True story.

PS: Title means "I think you're cute" in Chinese (Mandarian, I hope)


  • Money Talks.

    * Switching from social, aih? I see you got flamed by the G's :p

    By Blogger MBH, at 13.11.05  

  • indeed it does man, indeed it does

    *i dont know what u mean? social? flaming? gs?

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 13.11.05  

  • 7ata el chines dara ena deratna derat ba6ee5

    By Blogger Hattorihanzo, at 14.11.05  

  • bo fay hahah
    i just woke up and laughed so hard that im fully awake .. I NEEDED THAT thank u lol

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 15.11.05  

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