اللهم صلي وسلم على محمد وال محمد

Everytime I forget what it was that made me certain this guy needed to get a life, he does it again.

Al7een saar "semo el shaikh sobaa7"
, wela "semo el shaikh eflaan" but when it comes to akram il khalg 3alaih il ssalaat wel salaam yesameeh "mo7amad" wela "il rasool" and leaves it at that. Mistakhserha o mestaktherha il thaaher. Same issue with "Il masee7" or "Ibraheem".

Ibraheem? Ibraheem "ma gairah" ely tegool waraa thekrek le esmah 3ALAYH WA 3ALA NABEYENNA el salaat wil salaam, ikraaman wa ijlaal? Laaken aah, o alf aah mn kelmat aah. Naas taafha.

Naas sharat el denya o baa3at il aakhra. Naas moyasara la mokhayara. Naas man6eg'ha o man6eg el zaany wel zaanya wa7ed.

Aiiih wallah o kobartaw yaa ahl el distoor, ya fetewwat el 3aalam el 7urr wel mojtama3 il madany, ya ommat el 7athara wel adab wel sana3 wel ta7athur wel fenoon wel dagdega wel zandaqa wel fandaqa o aah 3al wa7da w nuss wel enfetaa7 3al 3aalam wel tejaara wel aswaag el 7ora wel 7aflaat wel ssooulat wel jooulaat, rethaitaw destoorkom yemna3 il ta3aruth le shakhs Ameer il dawla, o fog hatha yekon lagabah b "semow", aw "sumow" laaken la yat 3ala ely LIL ASAF entaw, 3ala ameerkom, 3ala ahalkom, 3ala ahal ameerkom, 3alay ana, 3ala 6owaayfy FARRRRRRRRRRRRRTH - mo mn zoud sana3na kelna, wala mn 6eeb aselna - farrrrth ensaly wensalim 3alaaih laa mn thekarna esmah, tiseer el mas'ala "3ady 3ady mo illa".

Ma3rouf 3anik o adry feek yal faahem, yal daaris, yal waa3y, yal mullim, yal met7ather, yal metshadig, yaly o yaly.. Gilat il adab wel 7aya wel mista7a shlon gayla?

Fa ma baalik la sarat il mas'ala enek tet3arath le shakhsah, le resaaltah, le "o6roo7ta el fekriya" ya bo el fekir enta wel 6ar7 el man6egy wel akhth bel asbaab.

They think that it is the actual 'drawing' or 'mocking' that sets us off, and what would you even expect them to think BUT that?
Akh lo bas yadroun ena it is in regards to the DISMISSAL of what khataam il anbeyaa' Mo7amad Ibn 3abdilaah 3alaih afthal el salaat came with, what Mo7amad ibn 3abdilaah 3alaih afthal el salat wel salaam has set, has taught, has been sent to deliver. What he represents.

Akh lo bas yadroun ena ako 11 soura ghair hal soura ely ga3deen yetkalemoon feeha, laken wain thaak ely yeftehem sa7 o yadry sh ga3ed yekharbe6. Rou7 oboy tewakal ekteb, tefalsaf, "e7chi welak e7chi", wallah thum wallah eny khaayef 3alaikom akthar min ay shay thaany baacher b 3alam el barzakh; bacher b yom el 7ashir.

Ila chan ba3ad "hal sowaalef" khuza3balaat il awwaleen o "ra7at 3alaiha" wentaw bas ely fal7een ib hal denya o saydeen il 7araka.

Khirja, o raaaaaaas omy maahy gair khirja baitha ehya ely b takhthonha mn hal 7ayaat il dunya. It's not called "dunya" for nothing.


  • Careful! Alduaaij fanboys will be after you now.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1.2.06  

  • :)

    By Blogger teagirl, at 1.2.06  

  • Can I cuss here? That guy's an arse, really

    I read of Rushdie's writings, and the guy's an arse too. Should 'die like a fly' 3ala golat my 8-year old cousin.

    Other religeons have almost almost NO respect for prophets. Know a joke that they say about el sayyida maryam?

    (Mary: "Er, Joe... I'm sorry love but I'm pregnant. Yes I know we haven't done anything, but God came to me while you were at the Carpenters Convention." Joseph: "Are you sure it was God?" Mary: "Sure I am. I recognised his Holy Light. And he said not to worry; I'm still a virgin." Joseph: "Okay. But if it happens again, tell him you've got a headache." )

    Of course, insulting *our* prophet is very okay, since they didn't mind insulting theirs. That guy's probably used to his lurpack & puck sandwiches he eats every morning. LOL @ "e7chi welak e7chi"

    Don't worry, people *know* what's right and what's not (I for instant know, but do the wrong because i'm a chicken and cant say NO to myslef). It's just that writing contreversial articles in newspapers makes them look opinionated, different, unique and arsed.

    By Blogger ScarlO, at 1.2.06  

  • sapphire
    ra7emma allaah emre'en 3arrafa gadr nafsah

    khaleehom yenab7oon mn elyom laih bacher, mo shay yedeed, mo makhtheen menhom gair el isyaa7 wel 7achy el faathy

    photoflow ya hala :)

    thats the thing, just becoz the christians or jews dont do anything lama kelman yet6anaz 3ala anbeyaa'hom 3laihom elsalaam.. khalaas? saraw ohma el sa7 we7na elqala6?
    danaa'at el fekir laih wain et7agirr elwa7ed i wonder..
    u have to report and check what is okay with "them" before u can make up ur mind?

    walla ya scarlo im not sure if hal nemaayen know whats right .. laaken magyola

    ان كنت تدري فتلك مصيبة وان كنت لا تدري فالمصيبة أعظم

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 1.2.06  

  • off-topic:


    You're torturing my eyes, it's not easy to read a full post with 2,3,5,6,7,8 & 9 as letters.

    sorry, I know it's your blog and you can write the way you like, but I just want to tell you that a reader in suffering (see: iDip)

    By Blogger iDip, at 2.2.06  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Dr.Lost, at 2.2.06  

  • wow, man u have lots of anger in u all the time ha? dude come read my post i wanna c ur reaction about the new topic i brought up..

    By Blogger Dr.Lost, at 2.2.06  

  • idip
    sorry about that man..
    bas wala yhemek i'll take that into consideration next time, mn 3yony ma 6alabt shay afa 3alaik :)

    dr lost
    yup, i really am angry at both the pathetic school of thought, as well as the lacking of manners and paying respect where respect is due

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 2.2.06  

  • Its a real sad turn of affairs whats going on right now. All of europe is joining in the fun and just reprinting the cartoons about our beloved prophet PBUH. The end desired result is not to encourage them to insult him more, but to stop. and maybe ignoring them would lessen the damage? whatever it takes, call me a coward and a wuss and a sissy if it will mean that they'll stop insulting sayedna Mo7ammad 9alat Alla w salama 3alaih.

    It really hurts deep to see all the jokes. whenever I talk to a non-muslim about this all I do is just plead with them to ignore their urge to lower their standards with manners and just stop being so vulgar. I just plead with their decency. I try to communicate my hurt to them, and hope their sense of polite courtesy will prevail.

    By Blogger familiar_stranger, at 2.2.06  

  • familiar stranger
    sure it hurts to see the jokes

    but what hurts even some more, is when u have a muslim, like the writer, who refuses to even acknowledge what he has to say when mentioning el rasool 3alaih elsalat wel salam, not even once.. or one of the prophets 3ala nabeyena w 3laihom elsalat wel salaam ajmi3een

    that is just something to SAY .. dont mean it, just say it in respect

    point being: if you would NOT even say it, then you have NOOOOO IDEA why the muslim world took those drawings personally because u just have no idea WHO they discuss

    let the saying: "ssa7ib el sumow ameer il belaad" tefeed'hom :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 2.2.06  

  • Temetwir there are some kuwaiti families which are well known for their "washah" or "kharashah" ya3nii yekoon feehum khelgah !... so dont bother yourself to Question them, Criticize or try to treat them like a normal person , coz simply those people "marfoo3 3nhum il qalam"

    By Blogger Mother Courage, at 2.2.06  

  • mother c
    ma3teged tegdireen ta7kimeen 3ala 3aayla b koberha mahma kan ely "yengal" 3anha, o belthaat enech tarbe6een som3at 3ayla eb wa7ed taafeh nafs hatha (aw more than one even)
    thats beside the point

    anyway, ma3ach 7ag enich tegoleen ako ashkaal marfo3 3anha elqalam in general

    elwa7ed lama yafged 7ata e7teraamah 7ag nafsah, sheterayain ye6la3 menah..

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 2.2.06  

  • :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3.2.06  

  • temi,


    By Blogger ZinZinQ8, at 3.2.06  

  • ScarlO, You're following their suite by posting that joke.
    It starts with a point of view, till it gets to the ignorant.

    Temetwir, 2 things
    1) Don't swear on anything other than God.
    2) Most newspapers' bozos don't realize the kind of crap they write because of all the crap in their heads...
    In any way, it is the media that gets everything way out of hand and too big to fit one's pocket (as in to comprehend).

    By Blogger MBH, at 3.2.06  

  • ZinZinQ8, you have a new avatar!

    By Blogger MBH, at 3.2.06  

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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3.2.06  

  • Me,
    صدقت فما تلقاه الا يقولك الازمة معقدة والخوض فيها لا ينفع الشان العام.. وتلقاه باجر يعيد ويزيد بنفس الكلام.. و ما ان فرجت الا وعادت حليمة لعادتها القديمة بالتفلسف والصياح

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    خله يقرق الحين ويصدق انه الناس كلها مو فاهمه وبس هو الفالح .. لكن الموضوع الاساسي ان لازم تدرك حجم الي قاعد تخصهم بالذكر من الانبياء والمرسلين على نبينا وعليهم افضل الصلاة والسلام

    ومثل ما قلت, ولو شخصيا لي انا اختلاف مع المقاطعة في هالصورة لكن دام الناس تبي جذي خلاص انا منو عشان افرض رايي؟.. والا يعني بس لانك محاوط نفسك بناس منطقها من منطقك صدقت انكم الاغلبية؟
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    الحكومة لم ولن تكون جادة في مقاطعتها.. فانت شحارك بالناس شقاعدة تسوي.. من حطك رقيب وحسيب

    اما نبيل الفضل.. فذاك هم نفس الطقة بس قلقس علانية والا لو تبي مضمون ما تلقى.. اثنينهم واحد العن من الثاني كل واحد ما عنده اي شي غير التعليق ولا الاتيان بجديد ووقت الصجية تلقاهم ولا حرف ولا كلمة .. اما بالامور التافهة فتلقاهم نفس اليهال يهبون فيها يوم ويومين وثلاث وحتى عشر.. الين يستجد امر ثاني وعلى هالحطة

    رايحــــــــين وراديــــــن

    ولا حول ولا قوة الا بالله العلي العظيم

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 3.2.06  

  • mbh, indeed i am the avatar of cunning...niyahhahahahaaa (evil laughter)

    By Blogger ZinZinQ8, at 3.2.06  

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