The long stretch of road ahead was paved with cars and young men of all kinds and ages. Mobiles and cameras were all raised to catch a glimpse of the vehicle and motorbike at the end of the road. The two had only the headlamps turned on, cutting back on everything that would even dare use the battery or some of the electricity.

On the other side of the road, the respective entourages of the two racers had their eye fixed straight ahead. They knew that before they knew it, this thing would be done and over with.

The two racers were talking about the "safety precautions". Basically it translated to: if one of us died in an accident tonight, the race is over and would not count. There's your PRE-caution.

The guys at the end of the road got the 'good to go' call. No police patrol cars roaming, and no traffic around ruining all the fun. Although sometimes some of the police offers would be 'cool' enough to actually block the street for a minute and sit in on the race. But that's another story. None of that tonight.

The two vehicles started bashing their engines, making all the noise it takes for everyone in the stretch to take notice and steer away. They warmed up the tires in a 5meter burn, and fixated again side by side. The rider of the bike strapped his helmet on, and cleared out his mufflers; the car next to him was also screaming as if waking up itself for its moment of truth.

Two seconds and eight meters later, the bike was on one wheel; its rider forcing his shoulders back towards the road, with his body balance fighting back the rapid acceleration. The car just a meter away one fraction of a second, and three meters the next was aching for traction. Once the tires gripped the road, the sprint began.

The two racers could both see the lights, or better yet stream of light, racing towards them. On top of all the sweet noise the engines were making; they could listen to the cheering that is almost 10 meters behind by the time it reached them.

Guys on the side of the road were leaning inwards to catch a glimpse of an estimate distance between the two. None to be seen.
The entourages at the end of the road were all recording. Closer to the 800 meter line now, one of them said to the other "ra7 tin3aad, dashat ilmeed ras ib raas". Before he could finish that phrase, the two vehicles were almost 30 meters behind him.

It was repeated. Twice.


  • And that's done for fun?

    By Blogger ScarlO, at 4.2.06  

  • wain hatha killa?

    and by the way a friend of my brother was escaping from a police petrol after a drag race, they crazy f.... started shooting at them and that's when he died, so I guess there are no fun with the police around.

    By Blogger Hattorihanzo, at 4.2.06  

  • :( people do die or end up spending most a big chunk of their teen years between hospitals or rehabitalation centers, or end up being paralyzed, but still they keep on doing it..... reminded me of a cousin who had an accident while driving his motor cycle in a roundabout.... if it wasn't for ra7mat ALLAH he would've been seriously injurred... Allah y7fthna mn kil shar

    By Blogger متفرغ, at 4.2.06  

  • scarlo sure it is.. but its also done for other reasons

    bo fay !! mn sejek wala? why did they shoot aslan malah da3i.. allah yer7ama

    allah ya7feth el jimee3 o tenthekir ma tin3aa inshallah..
    look i DO agree its a bit "dangerous" .. but it can be MUCH MUCH safer at times if done at the right place at the right time (and btw u guys in ba7rain get all the fun now with the track hehe)

    y3ni all that shit u see guys racing in public roads with traffic .. u just gotta ask: WHY?
    wheres the skill involved? or WHAT skill is involved?

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 4.2.06  

  • This kinda stuff just makes me nervous. Man if my brothers did such a thing I wouldn't wanna wait for the police I'd wanna take them there myself so that they'd stay in jail and be safe! It's not a "bit" dangerous Temi, it's life threatening. I hate this daredevil stuff.

    By Blogger ZinZinQ8, at 4.2.06  

  • zinzin
    i dont see it that way elsara7a

    i KNOW where ur coming from, and i KNOW that ur talking abt the speed, the uncertainty, the "la sama7 allah" en sar shay .. all that is taken into consideration (o engarassna kelena at one time or another)

    but then again, the way i see it at least, its all abt the rush and knowing how to handle the rush

    as for ur brothers, khair inshala.. etha ana mo dayes ma3a wa7ed men ekhwanich already zain .. khal ashghelha feech heh :p

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 4.2.06  

  • ok so they raced twice

    1. mino faz in the end?

    2. can they take passengers along? :p

    Allah ya7feth-hom inshalla

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4.2.06  

  • What other reasons, Temitwir .. ?

    By Blogger ScarlO, at 4.2.06  

  • I really liked the "aching for traction" bit. well expressed. You can write good stuff when you want to :)

    By Blogger familiar_stranger, at 4.2.06  

  • laialy
    raced three times actually.. and this isnt a "true story" in itself

    and usually yeah they take passengers along from the OTHER SIDE to make sure u dont spray or have anything under ur sleeve :)

    egyaas, x person wants to see how his car or bike holds its own against person y's ..
    or someone yesma3 3an el thany o "yabeeh" so he reaches him o yejarbon..
    o sa3at teseer ihwaash fa kelwa7ed eyerr el thany over n over..
    its a hobby, lots of money is invested and u wanna see the outcome..
    sometimes teseer dosat 3ala 7ag.. stuff like that
    lots of reasons

    familiar stranger,
    thank u, ur very kind :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 4.2.06  

  • ee wala, hatha esher6e 7ashak 7maar shwaya 3alai, eta9deeg 3ad enaa erayaal awal shay enshaal ba3dain towafa, o esher6ee 6ala3 minha.

    By Blogger Hattorihanzo, at 4.2.06  

  • bo fay
    ilmar7oom da3am eb sebat el sher6y, wela el sher6y 7aashah?
    kelesh mo khosh salfa hathy wain ga3deen :/

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 4.2.06  

  • lil asaf, even with the track we have in b7rain, people still do crazy things on the road and we've had many fatal accidents due to wreckless driving and/or racing. one of the horrible accidents was a bike race where one of the bikers lost control, his bike went flying out from under him and landed on one of his friends who was sitting on the sideline watching. that guy passed away as a result of his injuries. Allah yer7emah!

    By Blogger MSB, at 4.2.06  

  • Do they have to actually do it, though? I mean, whatever happened to vedio games?

    (I'm obviously out of things to say, yet i just feel like leaving a comment, so out of being nice and all, ignore this :-p thank you)

    I'd better go do some hair-counting. Lovely hobby, I tell you. Try it

    By Blogger ScarlO, at 4.2.06  

  • MSB
    allah yer7ama.. it IS dangerous o kelmokan tesme3een eb balawi allah ya7feth el jemee3 inshalla

    unfortunately, ive never been to the track, althu the ferrari dealer in kuwait once told us that theyre planning a trip.. and many cars did go, mustve been loads of fun

    but i think u guys also have a decent REAL quarter mile strip now .. i hope its a complete mile but i never heard anything

    u wanna dress barbie dolls all the time or do u wanna try out the real thing urself with clothes n everything sooner or later?

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 4.2.06  

  • My barbies used to have horrible haircuts, be footless, naked, cross-dressed, and some were headless. Barbie Backwards-Chest sat on the pillow, in front of her another barbie's bald head rested, with a hole in it, the hole held the glass of juice from which Backwards-Chest would drink. I surely don't want that to happen to me in reality.

    Okay, I'm getting into one of them wise-arse moods. Point is, I'm so horrible I inflect these horrible thingies on Barbie, but won't let it happen to me (did give myself a haircut, though) so what am I saying again? yeah, so if I was to choose, I'd do the vedio game, bash the car into other cars and pretend to be a criminal on the run, instead of doing it in reality.

    By Blogger ScarlO, at 4.2.06  

  • I think street races are so very stupid..and as harsh as this is, if you flip over and die, yeah well you had it coming

    By Blogger Faith, at 4.2.06  

  • Speed gives me a rush; An inredible rush of adrinaline that makes me fall in ecstacy...

    I rarely speed, but some times I just get an urge to pound that paddleand hear the engine roar.

    Sometimes I feel too high that I forget to shift the gear... Almost burned my engine once :p
    Conclusion :: Pump the gas in Automatic gear shifts only, to avoid "accidental" burnt engines.

    By Blogger MBH, at 4.2.06  

  • scarlo say what now

    faith define street races.. like i say, if its 'speeding in main roads with traffic and ppl all over the place' then golay gal3etek..
    but if its a drag race then its totally diff, but yes.. no one is responsible except teh 2 guys (or 3) racing i agree

    MBH shaklek wela ra3y Z yideed, wela ra3y TT

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 4.2.06  

  • Temetwir, lol! neither ;)

    By Blogger MBH, at 4.2.06  

  • Temetwir, I noticed what seems to be a typo :: "some of the police offers would be"
    officers, isn't it?

    By Blogger MBH, at 4.2.06  

  • I understand the whole adrelanine factor in this race, but I find it a bit irresponsible (and maybe even selfish) to just throw oneself into a dangerous and somewhat fatal situation. Be extremely cautious and careful because fun & games could end with guns & flames.

    By Blogger Erzulie, at 4.2.06  

  • mbh
    - i didnt mean the Z or TT literally, just a stereotype
    - "officers" tamshy, o "offers" tamshy.. but YES i did want it to be officers hehe

    again, so true and thank u

    btw everyone im not talking statistics here, but compared to the silly speeding on main roads, this type of thing does not even begin to compare in terms of safety

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 4.2.06  

  • btw Tem,

    why and under which circumstances do they repeat the race?

    By Blogger familiar_stranger, at 5.2.06  

  • wanna race me? ;p

    man the problem is like u said that there is no safety precautions.. if only they would open a proper track for these things in kuwait then we wouldnt have so many car crashes dude.. we all complain and shit but nothing ever gets done.. :) but i sooo love drag races.. as long as there's safety, thre's no prob.. nice post ..

    By Blogger Dr.Lost, at 5.2.06  

  • familiar stranger
    most of the time it's said prior to the race that there would be "rounds" .. just in case something happens or whatever, there's a "second chance"..
    however, sometimes u get repitions out of no where because there's no decisive "winner" .. the distance between the 2 is too small it practically doesnt count, so they go at it again

    dr lost
    thats right, shaalaw il rab6a (althu i didnt go) becoz it was noisy or whatever for the new population of jenob elsura

    opening a track would be soooo sweet, but also soooooo out of the question hehe

    man, these motherfuckers cant even get a decent football team

    wainhom wain 7albaat

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 5.2.06  

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