Meet Rayaan. Say 'hi rayaan' everyone. Every guy in the past 6 six years who has been "living" must have know one Rayaan. These are the men whose lives changed. They have seen the light. Indeed they have.

A Rayaan is the kind of girl that every guy wishes to end up with - the whole "forever" thing that is. She's the only woman who surpasses the laws of physics and biology for every one single young man. Our buddhist friends call it Nirvana - or so I claim and wrongfully report; we gentlemen just know it as an ideal. Here, in the sense of "a Rayaan".

A Rayaan is the girl all girls deep down inside want to be. Untouchable, and all about class. In the literal sense.
If you're an aspiring young woman, and you want to believe you're a Rayaan, all you have to do is ask yourself this: how many men have known me? If the answer is more than one, then you too are living testament to the fact that all girls want to be her. And of course, you're not her. It's nothing personal, really.

A Rayaan is the only kind of girl that guys don't talk about with friends. That's because Rayaan demands respect. In all its forms. Guys, voluntarily or otherwise, supply it. Loads and loads of it. And a Rayaan knows that already. It's like the unwritten rule or something. Yes, that's probably it.

Again, if you think you're a Rayaan, then ask yourself: did it ever occur that I thought some guy talked about me with his friends? Or, if a friend, a cousin, even the mother of this guy knows about me? If yes, then you're not a Rayaan. You want to be her. Even if you deny it, there will always be a voice inside that knows it's true.

By now, all the guys who have known a Rayaan are nodding their heads. It's like a cult or something. You know how people just know things about each other without saying a word? That's what the "I've known a Rayaan" club members have. Of course, as the unwritten rule dictates, no one talks about it.

As stated, a Rayaan is the kind of woman every guy aspires to end up with. The beauty of it all is that there is no certain criteria fitting to a Rayaan. That's because every single Rayaan is unique in her own way. Yet, they all possess certain traits that let guys know that no matter what happens, they will forever respect them.

Even if a guy knows a Rayaan, along with a bunch of other ditzy chicks, sooner or later, he will leave everyone for her. By the time he realizes what a Rayaan is worth, nothing ever lives up to his expectations. Except her.

Which is why you girls who by now know are not a Rayaan know why friends and cousins and the sort know 'about you'.

Rayaan is the girl who guys think of in terms of a house, kids, education, and a future. If you thought talking with 'your guy' about what to name 'your babies' as something that means anything, then you now know you're not a Rayaan.

A Rayaan is that young lady which guys will never ever wish to go out with at the moment because in their heads they want bigger and better things both for her and for them together.

Gentlemen who still are clueless as to who Rayaan is, we at Men Headquarters feel sorry for you and wish you will experience the pleasure (or agony, depending on how you see it) of knowing the form a true, perfect woman takes. Rest assured, you will come across one Rayaan. Chances are, though, she will break your heart. Without her ever knowing it.

Unfortunately, we cannot give any examples of ex-Rayaans because of the unwritten rule.

edit: I changed the name from Sara to Rayaan because I was impartial to the name 'sara' and was asked 'shma3na sara'. A legitimate question, o 7ada mako sebab. So now it's a name I love and which 'means something' to me.
As for 'shma3na Rayaan', it's what I intend to name my daughter inshalla.

For those who don't know, its the name of one of the doors to heaven (baab il sa'imeen to be exact).


  • It's refreshing to see that are men who aspire for Saras, when it seems that many are satisfied with lusting after Raquels.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11.7.06  

  • vintage,
    thank you

    teslemeen kelech nethar
    i sincerely appreciate the words

    lets see you comment on upcoming posts expressing what you think from now on :)

    heh raquel? how'd you come up with that?
    reminds me of names like "Monique" and "Kylle"
    sheghel ghasseb spelled diff'ly

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 11.7.06  

  • Sara is the girl every girl wants to be, but she is also the girl [[virtually]] no guy deserves :)

    I'll use an example, a close family friend wanted to get married last year..now he's 24 and zayn al shabab, truth be told he's doing just fine in the looks department, and has had more girls chase after him then aerosmith, but when he wanted to get married he has the nerve to ask for someone "decent" buddddddddy..if you are not decent, what makes you think you deserve a girl who is??

    sorry for going off track! but guys like that just drive me insane, loved the post

    By Blogger Faith, at 11.7.06  

  • Madri, Raquel was the first name that popped to mind at the thought of fake tanned, fake haired painted 'beauties' our small country is filled with. Unfortunately, the fake applies to their personalities as well.

    Funny that I should come upon this post now, as I've just been reading about those who in this day and age have no problem marrying or looking for someone who's low on the moral department, its existence at all being of no consequence.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11.7.06  

  • faith,
    decency is a vague term
    o enty ma gelty shay that makes him un-decent .. u said esbay mamlo7 o thats it
    ma fahamt

    where did u read that?
    i wouldnt take their word for it ..
    but then again, what is 'morality' these days but all that is generally immoral?

    chairz lav

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 11.7.06  

  • yellow,
    not sure what you mean by correct, bas eeh it's my email

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 11.7.06  

  • Tem,

    Just read it on several blogs, and in several conversations.

    As for morality, who knows when it will be back 'in style'. Blissfully, I'm an old fashioned girl :D

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11.7.06  

  • The unwritten rule clearly states that "we" aren't supposed to talk about her. You have violated that rule!

    I haven't met a "Sarah" that had shown a slight of what you have mentioned. Though I met 2 of different names that "meet the requirements."

    Bear with me; I am aware that "Sarah" is just a virtual reference to the ideal. Yet, I hardly see how the word "Sarah" is worthy of representing the ideal.

    Oo salamtik.

    By Blogger MBH, at 11.7.06  

  • sapphire,
    ana ash'had :)

    indeed, i have shared the power .. forgive me Master for i have violated the code agreed upon by council
    rest assured however, i am awaiting verdict by the jury and will gladly subject to its ruling

    "كانت مناسبة سارة"
    wa halluma jara

    and yes, i am just making excuses .. the name might as well be any girl's

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 11.7.06  

  • salty-c,
    hala wala, bkhair enty shemsawya

    like i said to mbh, no particular reason for choosing the name Sara - its not like i have someone in mind with that name, not at all.. althu honestly the thought of its potentional meaning of "smthing to be happy abt" did cross my mind

    but now that u and mbh have mentioned it, i changed it .. much better
    thank u both for bringing to my attention :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 11.7.06  

  • Salty-C, "Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else."

    Temetwir, The Council had agreed to forgive the matter hence-worth it is your intentions to enlighten.

    I like the new name (masra3! hehehe) and no, the word "hence-worth" does not exist the dictionary, yet.

    By Blogger MBH, at 11.7.06  

  • wonderful, makes you wonder.

    By Blogger DonZz, at 11.7.06  

  • salty-c,
    if my mom's name was rayaan, and if i'm lucky enough to marry a girl named rayaan, and her mom too esemha rayaan .. i'd still name my daughter rayaan

    its meaning/referral la3eb feni dor

    all rise to the honorable judge

    doesnt it? :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 11.7.06  

  • Loved the edit. It was a personal touch in what I felt was a very general piece.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12.7.06  

  • I thought this was another "Sara" post... gelt "yaaah.. mamdana 3arafna el-oula" lol!

    sometimes I'm so meticulous!
    استحملني شوي
    I think it's better to write it:"Rayyaan"
    لأن الياء مشدودة

    وان شاء الله الله يبلغك وتشوف ريـّـان وتشيلها وتغرقك بسعابيلها

    By Blogger iDip, at 12.7.06  

  • FAITH ana 7abaitch 3ala il comment il fathee3 malich "virtually no one desreves" wintii issaja! ana al3ab ma3a banat 5algalla ba3dain abee wa7da ma l3abat ma33aa a77ad zain yemkin banat 5algalla ili y3arfoonhum shabab kanaw nawyeen yitzawijon il rayayeel hathaila bass ma 7alafhum il 7ath willa ALla ma kitab willa il ahal wgifaw bil 6ereej willa 7asbalhum innahwa min sujja oo moo ga3ed ygu99 3alaihum! tara fee banat fi3lan ghashemeen wbare2een wmayadroon wain Alla 7ashirhum hathaila yinga99 3alaihum! ba3dain tara mithil ma ilwalad yigdar y5arbi6 ba3dain ytoob tara 7atta il bint tegdar t5arbi6 omin3ugubha iti7awal ila "Rayyan" tefham il ryayeel ma yin3a6on wayh wayed minhum chathabeen wina hatha mo min masla7atha wina shay ma yarthee rab il 3alameen wit3oof theech isa3a 5arabee6ha mooliya witoob. 3al 3umoom ana atmana inik taktib post mwazi 7ag hatha 3an il rayal ili kafoo ya5ith bnaya mithil Rayan.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13.7.06  

  • I got a friend called Rayan, theres always been this arguement bayna as in its a male/female name..ah well :P

    Nice post, bas il9ara7a in this time its tought to find a "Rayan" ya3ny I don't think theirs enough out there min kil il sowalif ily dayra bil deera..agree?

    By Blogger Blogger, at 13.7.06  

  • i ahve 2 cousins named rayan.. one is a girl and the other is a guy.. hes old tho.. 30 sumthin now

    and great post.. its funny how WOMEN -i hate the term girl- like rayan actually do exist amongst us.. yebt`ha yeb :)

    is she laiths sister? ;p

    By Blogger jiji, at 13.7.06  

  • rayaan
    am glad u think so


    idip writing in Arabinglized text!
    و يامعود اول شي خل تيي ام ريّان

    7abeeb ilsha3b/sadeegat el barnamaj .. this is not what is being discussed here
    the post talks about a type of girl that exists where we all (supposedly) grew up and we can all attest to that truth..
    it does not talk about 'redemption', if you may, of the sexes

    not sure actually, maybe it can go for both genders .. but i always think of it as a name for a daughter not a son so maybe im 'programmed' to fixate it to girls

    and i disagree with saying that its tough because of what other girls do .. but i will say its tough because some guys dont know what they exactly want

    she's what all laiths know they can never ever touch :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 13.7.06  

  • Hmm thats a way to look at it too, judging by the fact ina wayid nas ma3indehoum rai.

    By Blogger Blogger, at 13.7.06  

  • salty c,
    "isn't it?" in a british accent

    say what now

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 13.7.06  

  • Tem, what I meant was he's been around..and it's not a secret or anything, everyone knows, yet what enrages me is that no one cares!! wanna know something hilarious? the girl he's engaged to now is his best friends sister, the same best friend who knows ALL his filth..why the hell would you let ur sister end up with someone like that? thats what i meant :D

    aaaand..you SO stole the name Rayan from me, it's my fav. girl name ever! my uncle always says its a guys name, though it sounds so girly [its unisex apparently..what kinda sissy dude has the name rayan??] 7addek 3indek thoo8 =D

    By Blogger Faith, at 13.7.06  

  • faith,
    madre i have no say on this matter..
    etha el okho maamen 3alaih, o elaham ena elbent tabeeh then allah yhaneehom enshala

    as for the names: rayyaan, jannaat, and 7oor

    my 3 girls

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 13.7.06  

  • Dont name ur grl 7oor in english it will be hoor!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14.7.06  

  • rayan..
    yeah she seems very familiar..

    By Blogger Baroque, at 14.7.06  

  • 7addaa!.. they can never see themselves havin her ;p

    By Blogger jiji, at 14.7.06  

  • Rayan is one of my favourite names, and after your post I think i like the name even more. Sara was definetly a bad choice, no offense to the Sara's out there, cuz i love Sara's they deserve a whole post as well.

    As you said, Rayan's are a rare breed, but they exist amongst us & ive known my fair share, they are respected by men & women alike. But you know what is a rarer breed? The male version of a Rayan (insert name here, ur better at this than i am), inevitably they are the only ones deserving of all Rayan's out there.

    I must agree with everyone else, this is one of ur best post, as it lacks ur usual provoking nature. Something tells me you're in Kuwait.

    Hope you find your Rayan.


    By Blogger Delicately Realistic, at 14.7.06  

  • You never cease to impress me :)


    By Blogger Sedna, at 14.7.06  

  • anon,
    yeah but having an 'english name' takes care of that
    my friends here from japan/china/taiwan do it, obviously for pronunciation reasons .. but it's still the same idea
    3ayal shetgol if u knew i want to name my son (en allah rezagni) il7or? heh
    meaning/referral/historical significance is way more important for me than mispronounciation from their teachers or something :)

    nice disp pic u got there.. i will say however ena i still confuse monroe with madonna :|

    ur right. thanks to mbh and salty-c for pointing it out, the post does seem a bit more 'real' now.
    glad u too attest to rayyaan's existence; and i think im being harassed here into writing smthing abt the "male equivelant"

    la ana mo belkwait. but i like the fact that ur one of the very few who know me/what im about and realize that it isnt "personal" when i clash with other ppls perspectives in my 'provoking nature'

    i really have no less-cheesy way of saying this so bear with me, here goes:
    u remind me of that rainbow flavor icecream from baskin robins .. just the right amount of everything to make u a favorite

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 14.7.06  

  • amazing...!!!!

    By Blogger Chai-7aleeb, at 14.7.06  

  • chai 7aleeb,
    3isht oboy, teslam

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 14.7.06  

  • u stole my baby name !!

    RAYAAN is mine !!!

    By Blogger DiiGMaa, at 15.7.06  

  • i loved this post. i actually know two rayaans; one's a beautiful baby girl and one is a guy (ee i know, a guy named rayaan?)
    the rayaans you mention in your post i can only count on my fingers.
    not many girls have dignity or class, and once you lose it, it's VERY hard to change and get it back. no matter how hard you try. i used to try so hard to be a rayaan, i'll admit. the extreme femininity, the hard-to-get demeanor, the exclusive air.
    but its hard to get there and stay there without getting tired of being so..
    ..BORING. i got so tired of it. sure its nice to be rayaan, but i'd much rather be fwai7 than rayaan. maybe a fwai7 is better than a rayaan. rayaan was not fwai7, and i got sick of pushing myself. my boyfriend fell in love with fwai7, not rayaan, you know?
    its hard competing with girls like rayaan; they're gorgeous and you couldn't catch her in your dreams. but where would rayaan be when someone needed her? out of reach. that's not me. that never will be, and i'm GLAD.

    (am i making sense?)

    but still, your post was beautiful :) i love your writing.

    By Blogger Chicken Soup, at 15.7.06  

  • fwai7,
    sorry for the much belated reply .. not sure how i missed it

    appreciate the honesty and loved what you said about dignity being, once lost, ever hardly to be recovered

    what you mention of someone "trying to be rayaan" is not the 'girl' i refer to in the post .. she doesnt try to be, she just is
    using your testament, this can be proved in saying that a rayaan never ever changes because thats who she is

    and no, i dont think i got u near the end when u said something abt 'being needed' and not being there

    and thank you for the compliment :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 18.7.06  

  • I read this last year and today I read it again... it still gives me that same exhilarating feeling.. I love it

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9.4.08  

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