If you think photo albums are a necessity in life, this is not for you. If you believe in remembering the 'good old times' by pictures/tape, this is not for you. If you are one of those people who actually feels bad when he or she realises that he or she forgot his or her camera to a 'significant event', this is not for you.

Uh-oh, tough crowd.

Memories. When did that only mean a photo, a video tape, or a compiled DVD these days?
I think that nothing tops a conversation when it comes to reminiscing.

To recall something solely based on a photo or a video kills the sweetness/bitterness of the whole thing. Audio and visual backup is appreciated, however should not be relied on; nor should it be the trigger to remember. Example, do we need photos and videos of the Iraqi Invasion in 1990 to remember? Deep down inside, you know that you do not remember the invasion every single day. Deep down inside, you know that you are merely reminded.

On a more happy note, birthdays, graduations, gatherings of friends or family are all valid examples too.

That said, let me demonstrate. I do not have photos of:
* graduating high school
* turning 18
* birthdays
* gathering in 3eed or something similar
* shalaih or mazra3a trips (neither family nor friends)
* pictures of being rewarded something (that's because I don't go)
* and no, I don't keep the invitations just incase
* graduating college (again, didn't go.. neither the college's one nor the whole University's)
* weddings

Now that I think of it, the "oldest" picture of myself I see these days dates back to perhaps when I was 15.
"Oh but whyyyy, you'd look soooo cute emqater o b eedik shahada, etraweeha i3yaalek ba3dain." Sod off.

Wondering to myself why I feel this way, I only am left with two explanations.
First being that I have an eventless life, nothing special goes on, so why spoil humanity's history by occupying their space.
I resent that, so it's definitely not it.

Second, is knowing that life isn't looking back. If you need to remember a good thing that has happened to you in the past, so that you are motivated to achieve in the future: I say spare me the drama.

To me, that means 'never be satisfied with what you have'. I never am. This may sound sad but I sincerely hope I never will be either.
I am now at a point in my life where people expect me to chill and just enjoy myself, take it easy and just be laid back. "Take it one step at a time", they say.
F u c k . Y o u . How's that for one step at a time?

"Shda3wa, tara kelha sora". I know that, and so I expect you to understand that "Shda3wa, tara kela post".

I do not feel that extremely towards the whole photos and videos thing. It may just appear that way for demonstrating purposes.

ye3aatebny laih ana naasi
yegoli kaif tensa kel elithy faat
ken ma yakfeeh 7aathir e7saasi
bas yaby ma salaf mn basmaat


  • Greeeetings :-)
    i think that what a photo/video/sound recording could stir in me is related to how deeeeeeep the person/event sunk inside & where them people/events stand at present (present, as in the time you view/listen to years later).
    Sometimes you miss the people that existed once in your life sooo bad, that you get rid of their memory (pics) not to keep on frying yourself ? i do.
    And I agree on that a photo might not necessarily take you back in time to re-live your feelings faithfully, but then again its when you stare & the brain begins to dig in its archives, that is when the picture begins to look different & starts to expand.

    By Blogger Luckybellybuddha, at 5.8.05  

  • I love pictures and perserving memories but you have a point..I like taking pictures so I can rememeber things because I have a really bad memory. Pictures kind of help jog your memory a bit reminding you of things you forgot and it would be something to look at when I am 60 or 70

    By Blogger PeTiTa, at 5.8.05  

  • Photos = capturing the moment. A picture is not just a picture. Visual aid is an effective way of reliving experiences and bringing back past memories, as well as feelings, that occurred in that specific moment. People who like to keep the past behind and the future ahead refuse to see the beauty in this.

    By Blogger Salted-Caramel, at 5.8.05  

  • u quote in a previous post:

    " my mom still has the photo of me shaking hands wiya il safeer el se3oodi .."

    (said fondly)...

    thats starkly different to
    "the "oldest" picture of myself I see these days dates back to perhaps when I was 15."

    and then again.. the pic there was a fond memory!!

    that sounds to me like a "confused oxymoron" lol..


    By Blogger Iatra, at 5.8.05  

  • mistletoe
    hello, i like how u describe the brain digging and expanding once u stare at a photo .. i think i know what u mean

    m and salted caramel
    i think the two of u r saying quite the same thing.. of which to both i agree..
    they do say a picture is worth a thousand words, so im not neglecting the fact that photos CAN stir up some emotions/feelings..
    however, salted-caramel, u say people who like to keep the past behind refuse to see the beauty in this..
    to some extent thats what i meant: not wanting to see the beauty by a photo..

    that was in the "London ghair" post,yes?
    i know the picture exists, what it meant really was : i spent so much time there i actually finished a study yr.. i fail to see how "fond" that comment is during an invasion ..
    that said, ur comment doesnt even relate to this thread, i suggest u read it again to see how it doesnt relate

    y3ni ma 3endi iswar 7ag el jam3a? jenseya? be6aga madaneya? tajdeed jawaz?
    kelesh u didnt get my post man

    salam :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 5.8.05  

  • I had more than 500 photos in my computer that my friends sent me throughout the years. I formatted my computer a month ago and I just remembered that my photos are gone.

    Thanks for the reminder.


    By Blogger Hope, at 5.8.05  

  • abeit ur seriously maynoon o mo sa7i.. but take that as a compliment! i guess for me, pictures or 'memo-tags' get important for relative people rather than humanity all in all.. true compared to michael jackson, my live is uneventful, bs i bet my kids would be interested to see pictures of me growing up.. i mean, me i wish i can see a pic of dad when he was 18 in flirtin' age.. i wish i can see mom all dressed up and pampered for her wedding.. bs NO! those guys lived in a wadi, a live so vintage u wouldn't dare imagine. but me,... hmm.. wel now that i said that, i don't think i have a new represenation of life for me kids-to-come :D

    just bluffing in ur post, i just read ur comment in samboose post, u said: ur full of ur self - regardless of to whom its directed.. walla its some english statement.... FULL OF ONE'S SELF.. oh my, that is one scary thing.

    By Blogger Bloo, at 5.8.05  

  • im sure i meant abeih :D bs its 4 oclock in the morning.

    By Blogger Bloo, at 5.8.05  

  • hope
    heh talk about getting off at the wrong foot

    shlon maynon/mo sa7i a compliment?
    and i was kidding with samboose when i said full of urself :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 6.8.05  

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