"6alegni, agolek 6alegni"

Words uttered so casually from a wife, as if challenging a husband to do so.

Wrong reasons include:

-a- False idea that while she has the 'looks', men will still be interested. If that's what you have on offer, a body and a face, no wonder you say "6alegni" now.

-b- False idea that when she married waladna ely tegola now "6alegni", she would have everything she ever wanted. Including things she cannot afford on her own, nor did she afford when she was eb bait ahalha. If you married for money/getting things, no wonder you say "6alegni" now.

-c- She could not stand being 'related' to the women of her husband's family. o 3ad ya rait sij, 7amawat-ha wila halaga, wila shayfeen ro7hom 3alaiha. Be more original, no wonder you say "6alegni" now.

-d- Agreeing to a certain 'shar6' before marriage (e.g not working in this specific place), but after getting married she changes her mind wagt el sijeya. Mostly goes something like this : ana ma darast 4 isneen jam3a 3ashan tiyeeny ent wetgoly ma ashteghel bel mokan el flany, mo 3ajbek khalas 6alegni (Again, just an example).

-e- Always comparing her marriage to some friends' marriages, or whatever. Just ocmparing. If you thought marriage was a competition, then no wonder you say "6alegni' now.

-f- Not getting all that she has expected from marriage. Different from (b) since this is not about money. Can range from sex life to feeling she lost 'her love' for her husband. Not understanding how to communicate and jumping to "6alegni", as stated in (a) because she believes she can still appeal to other men.


  • :/

    By Blogger Spontaneousnessity, at 11.8.05  

  • isnt this stereotyping women to be shallow?

    i would argue that men who actually utter the words: "intay 6aleg" are much more shallow...

    but then again.. ive just done a week of nights and havent had any sleep.. so...

    maybe.. just maybe.. im wrong

    By Blogger Iatra, at 12.8.05  

  • In all fairness….
    I am hoping for your next post to be titled (Roo7ee inti 6aleg).
    Will wait eagerly.

    By Blogger Luckybellybuddha, at 12.8.05  

  • spontaneous,
    easy does it

    u asked, yet didnt wait for an answer.. No, its not "stereotyping women to be shallow"
    i wasnt guessing or making fun, these are all "true excuses" mo yayebhom mn 3endy ya3ni..
    seems to me like ur skipping the fact ena ako shay esma "sana3" b hal denya, as opposed to having none of it

    id mention a lot more, but i dont wanna hurt anybodys feelings :)

    THANK YOU for understanding, not necessarily by that title.. but yes, wrong reasons by the so-called "men"

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 12.8.05  

  • I think there are more serious grounds to ask for divorce !

    By Blogger Blossom, at 12.8.05  

  • Interesting. And yes, I heard of some women using such excuses. Looking forward to the "intay 6alig" episode.

    By Blogger Salted-Caramel, at 12.8.05  

  • now that woman deserves to be divoirced, ishyabi feeha itha hathi 3aqliyat'ha

    By Blogger A3sab, at 13.8.05  

  • A3sab
    6 women actually, all of which are now divorced

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 14.8.05  

  • sahla 3ala ilsanhom kilmat i6alaq they don't know how serious it is!

    By Blogger PeTiTa, at 14.8.05  

  • loool i found it soo funny yet mn jd true
    Allah yistur 6alag shay mob hayin,Allah yiba3du 3ana o yikabir 3igol AL7AREM wa yi6awil bal alRIJAL :))

    By Blogger Noor, at 15.8.05  

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