1- premarital relationships
2- weddings
3- nino on tuesday night
4- il rayah if you're not buying
5- girls driving sports cars
6- il sal7iyah if you're not buying
7- starbucks
8- egyptian movies 6agat el limby w madri sheno
9- indian movies with aishwarya rai
10- highschool graduations, gabel kanaw el banat thab7eena. hal ayam 7ata il shabab
11- intekhabat el jam3a. goes for all colleges. goes for both genders
12- girls driving Jaguar XK8s or X-types
13- guys in Ferraris
14- nino as a restaurant, gair 3an tuesday night
15- Cadillac Escalades
16- 20" chrome wheels .. goes with spinners
17- songs/103.7/madri cham bas hathy marina fm
18- latest mobile phones .. "el sony il yideed cham alf camera feh?" "el samsung il yideed yesawir video 10 degayeg? basawir ta6lee3at sa7bety"
19- body kits on japanese cars
20 japanese sports cars
21- blogs
22- getting cars from il wekala. tara theyre ripping you off. get a clue
23- guys in Porsches
24- J-Lo's movies
25- Pamela Anderson
26- plastic surgery for breasts
27- Ultra gas. el banzeen ely bel ma7a6a lona akhthar .. laygherkom maysawi shay
28- shari3 el 7ob post-2002
29- marina crescent. like i said mo 6abah bas gatheeny feh .. daraina
30- knowing meno shebak ma3a meno
31- knowing eflana ely kanat tegiz wayed meno akhath-ha
32- Lexus .. eeh lexus, lexus and mercedes benz don't go in the same sentence. if you don't know that, you need therapy
33- Brazil's national football team
34- baggy low-waist jeans for guys, low-waist jeans for girls
35- accessories for girls, chains for guys
36- xenon lights
37- el distoor .. thab7eena feh
38- travelling in the summer
39- nino .. yakhi tenba6 chabdi lama artaz o ma a7asil mawgif
40- burger boutique aka burger + fries bil raayah
41- working in a bank
42- apple notebooks
43- atkien's madri atkein's diet
44- coffee
45- ipods, mp3s, u know .. hal sowalif
46- 3abdile6eef il d3ay's articles
47- the whole "zawaj el mut3a 7aram o wosakha" saying
48- the whole "il sena bel nar" "il she3a bel nar" saying
49- sheesha/gahawy sheesha .. what the fuck?
50- democracy
51- this post .. (a friend suggested it .. fuck u man heh)


  • heheheeeeee
    6ala3t feehaaaaaaaaaaa ;-p)

    Bas 48, I think both of them will meet bil narr since they won't meet here..:-)

    By Blogger Luckybellybuddha, at 6.8.05  

  • What's left? :|

    By Blogger Zeecu, at 6.8.05  

  • WOW! 7adi I agree, write more posts like this..I loved it! :)

    By Blogger PeTiTa, at 7.8.05  

  • 5- girls driving sports cars

    why is this over rated??

    By Blogger Judy Abbott, at 7.8.05  

  • mistletoe (ila Allahe marje3ehom yawm al geyaamati fa ya7komo baynahom feema kanoo feehi yakhtalifoon) .. :)

    lots and lots .. mahlak ya ssaa7

    inshala, in the works already 3ad ma3a ba3ath kanaw

    i dont know "why" .. thats exactly the point.. why?

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 7.8.05  

  • clever guy ur friend:/

    By Blogger Iatra, at 8.8.05  

  • What you've just described is the lifestyle of the new kuwaiti generations !

    Unfortunately my age includes me among these generations, and that's why etlo3 chabdy lamma arja3 lekuwait every year. The only three reasons why I like visiting kuwait are :

    1. My family
    2. My friends
    3. Mosques

    This may sound awkwrad, bas although non liberal youths are a minority, yet there are a few of those who don't give a @$%# about shopping malls, restaurants, girls, brandnew lexury cars, and new modern life styles !

    By Blogger Expatriate, at 8.8.05  

  • 41- working in a bank

    I actually hate working for banks !

    By Blogger Devilish, at 9.8.05  

  • Nonesence

    By Blogger Judy Abbott, at 9.8.05  

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