Mujhse Dosti Karoge?

There are three certainties in life you do NOT fuck with. Religion. Family. Money. Yes, they come in that order. Politics is next in line. But you don't have to worry about fucking with politics. It fucks with everybody, and it isn't personal.

Qi6ar, and Il Ba7rain (I think) have already put behind their differences with Israel and are now happy to deal with one another. In business, you have no friends and you have no enemies. In business, you only have one friend so you might as well make the most of it. Money.

Money comes before politics in my little list of certainties. So yes, I can see why Qi6ar and Ba7rain would want to deal with Israel. The thing is, however, this has nothing to do with politics.

Political: So last century, there was this big war which started in the late 30s and ended in the mid-40s.
Political: After the war ended, the Allies (what you would call Shillat Il Khamma) decided that it was their earned right to share whatever the defeated colonized.
Political: They also felt sorry for a whole bunch of people who they felt got screwed during that war, so they thought they would make it up for them by giving them some place to live.
Political: When it hit them that you don't actually add to the space on this planet, you have to deal with what is already there; they thought "okay, we have somewhere". And so, Israel was born.
Political: Israel became an international entity.

Like most new-borns, give them something and they'll do anything to get some more. This is where it stopped being political.

Putting behind your differences with the Palestinians and "what they did", you would come to realize that your differences with them are political. When it comes to religion, Palestinians are your best friends.

That said, becoming best friends with someone who is happy to show no respect for who you really are (Qi6ar/Ba7rain with Israel) would make you their bitch. Not a business partner. Their bitch.

Okay, so now you're thinking "but in school, we know that Il Rasool - salla allah 3alayh o aaleh - lived with Jews and obviously dealt with them".
Who said anything about the Jews? We are talking about Israel. If you thought Israel was the same as saying "Jews", you have a lot to learn.

Being in business with someone is a way of recognition. It is one way of saying "you are worthy". When the differences are political, it doesn't really matter. Money is more of a priority, even politicians would tell you that much. If they know what politics is really all about atleast. However, when the cause of dispute is in respect to religion. Then you should have the courtesy to stop right there.

You don't exactly want to profit someone who is going to employ that profit into destroying everything you believe in, do you? If you don't have anything to believe in in the first place, then that's just sad. So sad infact it doesn't make you any different from those Israelis.

You see, the thing with Israel is, it's a lot like The Devil. It fucks with everybody, but you never really know that it was the cause. Well you do, but by then it would be too late. That doesn't do you much good, does it?


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