I believe the re-introduction of the Taxes law at this time may be just a little bit more convenient for my beloved government than it should.

I haven't studied politics, infact I only took one introductory course back in my first year (Allah yer7emik ya Dr Saif 3abaas) - to which I think I got a C by the way. So quite frankly, you might not want to give credit to anything I say from now on.

Okay so the Taxes law has resurfaced, and not surprisingly, the first to comment were the members of Il Kotla Il Islameya. One of them made it quite clear that they would not agree to pass the law, unless the Zakaat law is given the green-light first
. "Ya salaam, wo heya raag3a leek yakhoya?"

Anyway, with the uncertainty and the yet-to-be-decided-upon attitude towards the northern oil fields issue, I believe the government could swing the verdict its way if they passed the Zakaat law on the condition that the members who want the Zakaat law to be passed first; would vote in favor of the northern oil fields' one later (or vice versa). And as for the remaining and "more commercial" MPs the government needs to hit a home run, they could reach an 'understanding' on the percentage for the company taxes.

Only time will tell I guess.


  • Utill I can be sure that my money wont be as mismanaged as what lies in the current government's treasury, I will pay no taxes.

    The way I see it, thats more money for them to play around with/squander.


    By Blogger shady q80, at 7.10.05  

  • shady q80 fahem 3alaik bas ham at3ajab shlon elwa7ed seeda ye7e6 eb baala aswa' 7aala .. besides its too early to set ur mind on tax evasion heh

    anyway elgasd ena chena el7ekoma yabelha tel3ab gairha

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 7.10.05  

  • When was the first time this was brought up? 2 years ago? or maybe less...

    I agree with shady q80, the gov. could use some of the money that it steals for whatever the taxes are to cover.

    Isn't it enough that almost every Kuwaiti has loads of loans to pay? -- a joke about this is that if a Kuwaiti has no loans, then s/he isn't a Kuwaiti!

    What's the Zakat law, by the way?

    By Blogger MBH, at 7.10.05  

  • ok.. i thought u guys were kidding, my bad .. didnt know u were serious so:

    taxes rnt a way for the govt to ask for money so they can cover expenses - fa sheloha mn raskom

    elfekra 7ag el mestathmer el ajneby welsharekat, wely megtar7eena (taw elnas 3al final thing) 15%

    mbh ganoon el zakaat = 2.5% el nesba elshar3eya

    bs ta3al fachich 3ad, el zakat 3alaiha ekhtelaaf bel mathaaheb (mo el nesba, laken 3ala sheno etzakky)

    shee3a ye6al3oon el khoms, ie 20%
    sinna ye6al3on elzakat, ely hy 2.5%

    they would be 2 seperate laws btw

    just to make thing clear: the post was about 7egol elshemal heh

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 7.10.05  

  • If it's about anything other than blood-sucking money from 'normal' citizens, then I have no idea what you're talking about!!

    But I did get the Zakat law, though!

    By Blogger MBH, at 8.10.05  

  • yeah it has nothing to do with getting money from citizens - kelesh not how it works

    it has a lot to do with corporations, companies .. naheek 3an el privatisation

    but then again, the post isnt really about taxes, or the taxes law, or ganon el zakat, or percentages, or anything related to 'what about citizens'

    again : its 3an 7egol el shemal :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 8.10.05  

  • Personally I feel sorry for the Northern Oil Fields...ya3ni min mata we e7na lal7een talking about it....a'7aff ye'7alis el naf6 we7na lalheen nabee enkarir...I get the sense that some of these foreign oil companies are ready to pack up and leave 'coz they're getting sick and tired of sucking up to the 7ekoma to get the bargain and I don't blame them!

    By Blogger MissCosmoKuwait, at 8.10.05  

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