We Kuwaiti men (ones I know, la7ad ya7shir 3omra) are born made-men. Not necessarily Italian, but definitely Sicilian. Not exactly gangsters, but might just as well be.

You think I'm kidding? Think again, The Mafia and Kuwaitis both:

  1. regard family as the most important thing in life
  2. respect our fathers to the limits of fear
  3. are spiritual/religious
  4. drive our mothers crazy
  5. have a place for friends to gather for LONG periods of time
  6. have nicknames for the guys in our crews
  7. love women
  8. appreciate good food
  9. treat women badly
  10. have bad diets
  11. have mad respect for our neighbourhoods
  12. disrespect all other neighbourhoods
  13. when we're kids, we wanna become the grown-ups around us
  14. when we're grown-up, we want kids to be us
  15. have nothing but our word
  16. believe in the power of money
  17. use foul language when it's uncalled for
  18. have a certain dress code
  19. enhalig when we dress casually
  20. look REAL sharp when we're in our 'business/official' clothes
  21. keep either hand in either pocket, or both
  22. hated by most
  23. deep down inside, we're all nice guys
  24. love cars
  25. most of us smoke real early
  26. believe in tradition and try to keep it as old school as possible
  27. have certain 'tests' for girls who are 'malot zawaaj'
  28. have atleast 10 other words for 'girl'
  29. have atleast 5 other words for 'car'
  30. who we become when we grow up depends on who we grew up with
  31. our biggest joy is to be among family and friends
  32. don't fuck with each other's families
  33. go by "your friend is my friend"
  34. greet each other by kissing on the cheek
  35. act totally different when we're with the "bosses" (el a3maam)
  36. would rather keep marriage into and between "our own kind"
  37. celebrations MUST have family even BEFORE friends
  38. care about whether or not our wives can cook
  39. try to do all the wrong things the right way
  40. stick together for each other's fights
  41. take loyalty seriously
  42. become street-politicians by the time we're 14
  43. know how to drive by the time we're 14
  44. if we're not "men" by the time we're 14, we get smacked by our fathers till we are
  45. neqaar 3ala ahalna
  46. atleast one of our family members is a politician/lawyer - for a living
  47. we travel in entourages
  48. can be wherever whenever by a simple phone call - lots and lots of us
  49. let's face it.. we're the best-looking bunch
  50. have a certain decorum which can't really be learnt - you just have to be born into it
  51. best for last: IT'S ALL ABOUT BEING CONNECTED
Based on wiseguys as shown in the movies. Not to be taken seriously. Wa6any il kuwayt salemta lel majde.


  • I LOVED your post. So so so true.
    But, I must admit #27 intriuged me. I wish you'd give me more insight on that point, cuz I always knew I was missing something. :P Oh and to the contrary of what most Kuwaiti girls think, I think #21 is true, bs you have to look really really reaaally hard into a guys personality to actually touch upon it.

    By Blogger Delicately Realistic, at 8.10.05  

  • By #21 I meant #23.

    By Blogger Delicately Realistic, at 8.10.05  

  • LOOOL 3jeeb hal post , but u gotta admit that italians are more good lookin than the kuwaiti "achla7 amla7" look ;-p

    "Wa6any il kuwayt salemta lel majde"

    By Blogger Brava Valentia, at 8.10.05  

  • I'm convinced !
    Bss I liked the list, i think that men should be like that, it has a certain "air" to it, minus the treating women badly , alls well in the world when u have italian looks and that kinda atitude :D

    By Blogger Noor, at 8.10.05  

  • lol LOVED this post lol

    MOther courage

    Kuwaiti men r nicest khaliji men cept when they dont dress gay lol

    By Blogger hibbalicious, at 8.10.05  

  • ur right .. nice one .. u r so obsessed by italians

    hibba : oh god sometimes they wear snake skin pants and look so gay

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8.10.05  

  • i commented as an anonymous by mistake :)

    By Blogger Sailor, at 8.10.05  

  • not to mention! temper!

    By Blogger Spontaneousnessity, at 9.10.05  

  • 3ajeeba....loool...very nice...ma3a ba3th el t7afuthat 3la 3adat el shbab el q8ieen...peace

    By Blogger kila ma6goog, at 9.10.05  

  • delicately 27 hatha sirr el mehna 6al 3omrech.. and q8i girls dont know SHIZZZZ if they dont immediately realize 21 is true .. now do u c the need for our 'tests'?

    MC, shely chel7aan mel7aan .. el shella kelha zaaheyat el lawwn samme7at el malaame7.. nesla7 kelna substitution squad 7ag Italy's under 21s (shfeeeeeeeeeh)

    om siraj glad ur convinced .. told u heh

    hibba :)

    sailor hala wala, ur right i am obsessed - just the movies thu

    spontaneous 3ad kent ba7e6 shay related bs gelt la, chan a7e6 treat women badly 3ala the7ek - shfeeh bo the7ek

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 9.10.05  

  • kila ma6gog hala wala, e3jebatni ma3a ba3th el ta7afuthat!

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 9.10.05  

  • Italian women grow arm-pit hair !! EWW!

    By Blogger MBH, at 9.10.05  

  • Looooooooooool. Mo ilmoshkila they try so hard to pretend #21 is not true. Needs sooooo much patience. I guess thats sir ilmihna ha?
    Test #1: Be a bad guy and test her patience, see how long she lasts.

    By Blogger Delicately Realistic, at 9.10.05  

  • heheheh that's a bit freaky but very intersting! why DO guys have to put a hand in their pocket?? My mom says always tells when we're out of the country "mn tshoofeen wa7d 7a6 eeda ib mokhbata oo imkarrish 3erfay enna khaleeji" :P

    By Blogger Ms. Milk, at 9.10.05  

  • 18- have a certain dress code
    I truly wish more men would adhere to it! It seems that more and more of shabaabna are forgetting the raw magnetism a dishdasha can exude.

    19- enhalig when we dress casually
    SO true! I have often made this observation myself, wondering why when I see Kuwaiti men in malls or somewhere try to dress in something like a shirt and shorts, they are never able to pull it off. Not that I would want them to. The same goes for if an American tried wearing a dishdasha. They just couldn't pull it off. After lots of enjoyable and discreet man-watching I have even discovered the reason: It's all in the body language, baby :D Kuwaiti men walk with a certain understated machismo, like they know all eyes are on them. This strut does not fit well with faded t-shirts and jeans and sneakers :P (Imagine a glowering bull lumbering about with a petunia in its ear :P)
    Of course dressing casually when in the privacy of their homes or around close family members is another thing entirely (ya3ni they can and do pull off the casual look in those circumstances). But that brings in another charm of Kuwaiti men, the fact that they have a warm and approachable side to them that is only revealed to family and close friends and certain priveleged loved ones.

    20- look REAL sharp when we're in our 'business/official' clothes
    Oh.. yes... yes they do indeed..

    Gigi, admiringly

    P.S. I'd like to invite you to drop by http://qcubed.blogspot.com/2005/10/pick-your-hypocrite-choose-wisely.html. I'd be interested in what you thought, if you felt inclined to comment.

    By Blogger Gigi, at 9.10.05  

  • mbh say wha now

    DR hell no, true men dont believe in premarital relationships

    ms milk lena e3yaal 3iz, nel3ab bel esweech wela b rab6at el 3eshreenat ely bel mokhba .. jk

    gigi elshay elwa7eed ely amseka 3al deshdasha, enha et3afas bser3a ..
    o 3ala salfat el tehelig, mo bel eswega o jedam khalg alla 3ad, i meant when we're in a casual setting (dowaneya/shalaih/gym/mokhayam) .. bel eswiga 3ad? its all about STATUS, plz (btw ur conclusion makes sense-maybe?) .. and sure coming to check it out

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 9.10.05  

  • at least he admits ina they treat women badly =P

    By Blogger Spontaneousnessity, at 9.10.05  

  • spontaneous al7een garaity hathy o rakazty 3alaiha mn bedhom.. w 7agartay 'not to be taken seriously'?


    By Blogger Temetwir, at 9.10.05  

  • Couldn't have said it better my self. But how are you going to implement #27 without a premarital relationship. I'm curious.

    By Blogger Delicately Realistic, at 9.10.05  

  • DR thats sir el mehna!!!! heheh but nice try nontheless was worth a shot

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 9.10.05  

  • lool Good post, you really hit all the points ;p
    and agreed @ hibba

    By Blogger Faith, at 9.10.05  

  • faith tislemeen

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 10.10.05  

  • Afa! I must say that if the guy is following the dress code cuz in his head it's all about status like you said then I don't find that attractive at all! It smacks too much of the kind of vanity that is more appropriate for women :P La la la ya temetwir.. 7alaat il-wa7id itha libas il-dishdasha matkoon min na7yat "ohh ana zgirt".. ihya 7alat-ha itha yat min na7yat "hatha libsna wana ma ansa a9lee oo mitmassik oo mi3taz ib taqaleedna". For me, that makes a man seem confident in himself and where he comes from, and neither a wannabe who wants to copy the latest western fashion trends OR a showoff that is only wearing the dishdasha to impress other people.

    Gigi, traditionally

    By Blogger Gigi, at 10.10.05  

  • gigi i wasnt talking 3an eldeshdasha.. infact i cant even see how el deshdasha is to impress other ppl, the way i see it - its the opposite .. eli kel waa7ed 6aale3li chena 7alaag lebnaani 7arakaat sha3ar o temeeyi3 bel lebs (what u said abt followin stupid trends)

    kent agolich 3an what u said "...like a shirt and shorts, they are never able to pull it off..."
    when i said status, i meant ena ye7terem ro7a o ma ye6la3li yetmasha bel iswega eb short akhthar fesfori o tshirt wardi maktob 3alaih "bad boys go to thailand"

    3ala goltech, the 'tradition' of being presentable in a respectable manner [to urself and others] in a social context .. this also doesnt mean ena 'walla shofoni metsani3' .. bas el deera kelha hal kebainat-ha, elrayal yera3y oho meno (salfat 'elrayal may3eeba shay' ma awaafeg-ha)

    so i guess theres a diff bain 'confidence' o 'jelat 7aya'

    hope that clears that up:)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 10.10.05  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Gigi, at 10.10.05  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Gigi, at 10.10.05  

  • you are so wise : )

    By Blogger Eva, at 10.10.05  

  • eva thank u

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 11.10.05  

  • "deep down inside, we're all nice guys", "we're the best-looking bunch" Wana shimsabirni 3alekom ya 3yalt el ...!! lol .. no ofence ;p

    By Blogger Peach, at 11.10.05  

  • peach heh sej sej tha7akteeni

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 11.10.05  

  • DR's comment: "Test #1: Be a bad guy and test her patience, see how long she lasts."

    and then what? if u find out she lasts 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year. o b3dain?

    If you want to see how far u can push her, once u find out the limit, isn't it too late? By then, she's out the door & you'll have realized "haa zain, she lasted a year!! impressive"...?

    guess i need testosterone to understand this! :/

    nice post nevertheless!! very true!

    By Blogger MSB, at 3.11.05  

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